Most Expensive Gifts Ever Given To Anyone

Most Expensive Gifts Ever Given To Anyone

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Gifts are considered to be a token of love, appreciation, and affection. Gifts have always been special and they become even more special when they are expensive. A lot of people around the world have gifted some exceedingly expensive gifts to their loved ones. So let us have a look at some of the most expensive gifts ever given to anyone in the world.

Taj Mahal

When it comes to giving gifts this magnificent white marble structure is just unmatchable. It is said that the famous Mughal emperor Shah Jahan had built this masterpiece in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. It took around 22 years to construct this whole complex. Around 32 million INR were used at that time for the building Taj Mahal which was considered to be a huge sum at that time. This monument is considered to be a symbol of eternal love and undoubtedly the most expensive gifts ever given.

King Abdullah’s Gift To Obama

This gift by King Abdullah to President Obama is considered to be one of the most expensive gifts of modern history. A total price of $300,000 gifts was given to the Obama family which included gift items such as rare gems, gold jewelry, diamonds and various other valuable items. This gift was the talk of the town for many days in the American media.

Taylor’s Diamond

In her lifetime Elizabeth Taylor has received a lot pf precious gifts but the gift which was presented to her by her erstwhile husband in 1972 stands out from all the others. Richard Burton had gifted her a 69.42 karat pear-shaped diamond on her 40th birthday which was estimated to be of around $1,05,000 at that time. The diamond was of the famous jewelry brand Cartier.

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Web Design Tools Which You Should Definitely Try Out

Web Design Tools Which You Should Definitely Try Out

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In the past few years, web design industry has made biff-sized leaps with respect to technology and design.

Today a large number of well-known website designing and developing firms such as have now sharpened their edges and are adopting new tools for staying alive in the industry.

Below are some web design tools which are proven to be very useful today.

Affinity Designer

Looking at Affinity Designer it seems like it was designed specifically for dethroning Photoshop.

Affinity Designer is a Mac-based design software which offers some features which make it stand out against Photoshop’s deficits. It caters 1,000,000% zoom which dwarfs out Photoshop’s 32,000% It has a much more efficient interface which makes it way better than its competitors.


It is a collaborative app which covers the whole design process, right from static wireframes to hi-fi mockups and animated prototypes. UXPin caters an ability to handle each and every phase of the design stage with equal consideration.

UXPin caters a unique feature, that it can import both Photoshop and Sketch files directly while preserving all layers for prototyping. This allows the designers to create mockups in more graphic-focused apps and then switching to interactive design without losing work.


The theory of color has always been internally woven with web design but is a distinct discipline on its own. By using this tool web designers need not memorize everything and fill in the finer color details.

This tool provides a huge number of choices of color schemes which are proven to be very effective.

Having a right tool is just the first step,you need way more than tools for developing a perfect website.

Some Common Skin Problems Which You Should Be Aware Of

Some Common Skin Problems Which You Should Be Aware Of

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Skin is just not the largest organ of our body but it is also one of the most sensitive one. So it is likely that it can get affected the most by any kind of disorder or problems.

Private dermatology consultants London have listed some very common skin problems which though are not life threatening but if not taken care properly then it can create some very huge problems.


This is a type of skin problem which tends to cause pimples when the passage way which connects the pores of the skin to the oil glands gets clogged.

They majorly occur on the face, neck, shoulders, chest and back. They can appear in large number of forms. Blackheads and whiteheads are the ones which are the most commonly known acne. The severe ones include nodular and cystic acne as they occur deep into the skin and tend to cause cancer.

A research states that almost 60% of people face the problem of acne at some or the other point in their lives.


 Eczema comes from the Greek word for “boils over” which is a grab-bag term. Majorly there are 3 types of eczema:

  1. Atopic dermatitis- This is one of the most common types of eczema and is majorly seen in children. This type of eczema causes itchy rashes in the crux of the elbow and behind the knees.
  2. Allergic contact dermatitis- This type of eczema disease starts appearing in the adulthood and it majorly causes due to environmental factors such as cosmetic agents, fragments and the metals in jewelry.
  3. Nummular dermatitis seem to be like red and flaky coin shaped patches of skin and is majorly caused due to dry skin. This can be very itchy.

These skin problems seem to be common but if not treated well they can cause very serious problems.

5 Weight-loss Rules That Actually Work

5 Weight-loss Rules That Actually Work

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Every study you’ll browse around is about Eat less calories than you burn – if you wish to lose some pounds. The perfect diet for weight loss goes the one with which you can live with happily, whether it is for cutting carbs, fats or both. There are many weight loss products that work magic in the market today, but let’s see some other healthy and nutritious rules that should be strictly followed if you’re on your weight loss regime.

Refined Carbohydrates

The simple funda is – If you’re consuming fried things you’re more prone to feeling tired and hungry soon and eventually gain more and more. This is the fact on which most of the researchers and dietitians agree to. Refined carbohydrates such as sweetened beverages – fructose and low fiber breads are just terrible; Mountain Dew and other sugary beverages may cause your blood sugar to spike just after consuming. Moreover, items like potato chips and french fries contain carcinogen that is even worse. So, avoid eating the fried foods and begin your journey to healthy fruits and veggies.

Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3 are the polyunsaturated fats often found in nuts, fish, flax seeds and fish oils. It’s common health benefits are lesser risk to diabetes and heart diseases. Omega-3 helps to reduce inflammation throughout the body and less inflamed muscles means faster metabolism. So, try to consume fish twice a week or eggs which are also rich source of omega-3s.

Foods with Fiber

Having fiber in the stomach takes longer to go in the bloodstream and the blood-sugar level in your body stays steady. By taking fiber, you may ensure some more energy supply and less hunger in the meals.So, eat more broccoli and raisin bran.

Plan out your Weight-loss program

Don’t just scattergun on anything you’ve read in the newspaper or magazine, figure out a diet plan that actually works for you which is affordable and suits your lifestyle. The best weight loss plan would be something like this:

  • Consume snacks and meals based on lean protein such as fish, eggs, meat, dairy etc.
  • Instead of having fewer big meals go for more small meals.
  • Although low-fat and high-fat diets will work, the one that is fat-free should be preferred.
  • The carbohydrates obtained from fruits, vegetables and whole grains can never turn someone obese.

Above all these healthy tips and tactics, don’t forget to run few miles everyday. This will help you stay healthy and energetic. Happy Weight-loss!!!

Some Interesting Real Facts About Gifts

Some Interesting Real Facts About Gifts

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Did you know that people of China and Japan never gift clocks? The reason behind this is that clock represents ‘your time is running out’.

There are a lot of such very interesting and intriguing facts about gifts that you must definitely be not aware about. So here are some of the jaw dropping facts about gifts.

Private jets Are The Favorite Gifts Of The Rich

Time to time the rich have been giving new definition to the act of gifting. They have had a long list of gifts such as exotic holiday to the Bora Bora islands and gifting luxurious cars such as Ferrari. But now a new item has been added to their list of gifts i.e private jets.

A few months ago Mukesh Ambani gifted her wife Nita Ambani a 2.4 billion rupee private jet. A 2.4 billion rupee gift are you serious. But he is not alone in the list. Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Beyonce and a lot of other celebrities have been gifting private jets to their loved ones. Was Selling 306 Items Per Second

The day was November 26, 2012, when people went nuts while shopping online. At least according to

According to the numbers, Amazon claims to have sold around 27 million products worldwide on that day. This means that on every tick sound of the clock, sold 306 items. That’s just crazy.

25% Of US Population Wait For Last Minute To Purchase Gifts

A lot of people think that last minute shopping is just a trend which will fade away with the passing of time. But this is not going to happen,at least for now. But according to stats the last minute shopping has now become a habit of almost a huge majority.

A Deep Study On Classy Action Figures

A Deep Study On Classy Action Figures

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Who doesn’t love playing with toys and especially action figures? Every kid has had an action figure right on the top of their Christmas list. This has made all these actions figures a lot more collectible and a lot of youngsters have started collecting toys and other items. To make your shopping affordable a lot of online merchants today are providing Discount Codes to get benefit of 10% off on cubify toys which you can redeem to avail any of your favorite action figure or toy under your budget.

One item which is usually collected by a wide range people is actions figures. In the market, you will find an endless number of action figures for various comic publications film or video games. This can make them highly common with a huge number of individuals who are fans of various action heroes.

Due to various types of figures and characters being available today the action figure market is spreading its wings widely. This provides the public huge selections and options while they are on their shopping expedition. Some businesses provide a huge collection of action figures which individuals can buy. This promotes hero loyalty. The large collection of action figure enables these companies to cater some loyalty among enthusiasts and never drop in their sales. A standard collector or even a youngsters who wish to play with all the toys will be able to get an action figure for a handful dollars. Nevertheless, collectors item and rare action figures will price a great deal a lot more and can even go for a lot of dollars in the event when the figure is unusual. All actions figures come in sealed boxes, which makes them perfect for collectors as a lot of them don’t open the boxes because it can make the price of the toy go down.

Today a lot of platforms are available from where you can buy action figures. A lot of toy shops put various sales on various action figures. The major target of these sales is typical collectors.You can also visit some shops which are dedicated sellers of action figures only. These shops can be like a heaven on Earth for collectors. You can also go for some online shops if you are in search of some specific action figure.

Sizzling Ways To Find A Perfect Gift

Sizzling Ways To Find A Perfect Gift

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With the new year in our bag it brings a fresh range of festivals. With this it brings one of the most horrible task of the year i.e Gift shopping.

Your closed ones will keep on saying to that” Oh, I don’t need anything”, but we all know that’s not the truth. You definitely don’t want to take off smiles off their faces during the festive season. So here’s an ultimate guide of how can you find a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Make The Present An Event

The best way to make a present an event is to get the best of the packaging on them. Gifting is an event of providing an experience of joy. You can hide their gifts and send them on a hunt to find it. Unwrapping a present brings joy which is incomparable.

Now,Literally Give An Experience

Gifting is all about providing stuffs which they love a lot. So provide them a step by step mystery guide that sends them towards their gift. For example a mystery guide that sends the giftee to a restaurant, bought them a Flying Spaghetii Monster dinner, and pay’s for them to play at the arcade.

Make A List

You should make a list of things in which the person is interested in and what defines their style. You don’t need to give all those gifts but doing this can give you ideas by using which you can get some great and outstanding gifts for the giftee.

Look To The Past

To have a look at the past of the person you are planning to give a gift. This can provide you a better perspective of what to gift them. By doing this you will have a clear idea about a perfect gift.